What is a Diploma and why is it important?


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First of all, do you know what a diploma is and why is this document important?Here we will explain it to you.

What is a Diploma?

The word diploma comes from the Latin term diploma, a concept from ancient Greek that means “fold“.

Generally it’s a document issued by an authority or institution who validates a degree or achievement.

That’s why we tend to see it in academic instances, though it is also used in contests or competitions to reward the winners.

Examples on the use of a diploma:

  • Today, they will grant Juan a diploma in engineering school.
  • My english course diploma hangs at the wall in my office.
  • Maria won the swimming competition. She received a medal and a diploma.

Why is a diploma important?

A diploma contains the necessary information to accredit a person about a specific event.

Be it an completed academic degree, an achievement in a specific discipline, a prize, etc.

Its main benefit lies in the fact that it immediately has all the information about the institution that sends it, the person receiving, the date, among others.

In this way, it acknowledges to any person who reads the document on the merit to whom received it, thus endorsing their degree of education or their awards.

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