Elements in certificates and diploma templates


Certificate and diploma templates must have the necessary information so anyone who reads the document can relate to the motive, achievement or reward of their bearer.

That’s why in Diploma Generator we will tell you what are the least elements that these should have.

Certificates and diplomas templates

Although it might seem obvious, the present structure in the templates of certificates and diplomas is one of its most important points, because it has all the necessary data to explain who issues the document, to whom, when and why.

This way, let’s review what elements should posses

  • Name of the institution or authorities that issue the certificate or diploma.
  • Emblems or logos of the institution or competent authorities.
  • Name and information of the carrier of the certificate or diploma.
  • Brief caption that reveals the purpose of the certificate or diploma.
  • Name(s) and field for signature of representatives of the institution or authorities.
  • Expedition date.

It is also usually added information about quality certifications or merits of the institution or authorities that issue the document and that endorse their authority in the subject; You can also incorporate them through templates of certificates and diplomas from Certificate Template.

Aditionally to the general structure, you will be able to configurate the background, change colors, choose from a variety of fonts, incorporate images and decorative graphic elements so that your creations meet all your needs.

Whether you are looking for a simple and sober finish or a more stylized and professional one, the more than 100 templates of certificates and diplomas that Certificate Template offers you have the preconfigured structure so you can make the design you want yourself.

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