What is the difference between a Diploma and a Certificate?


If you ever asked yourself what is the difference between a diploma and a certificate, you can rest assured that in Certificate Template we will tell you about it, highlighting the particularities of each one.

Aplications of a Diploma

A diploma is usually awarded in academic instances, that is, when a student completes a training degree. However, its figure is generally symbolic for legal purposes since the document that truly accredits academic achievement is the title.

On the other hand, it is also used when concluding a course or classes, when a goal is reached, to demonstrate that a person has been awarded for a particular competition or event, among other scenarios.

Examples of its uses:

  • Academic diploma
  • Preschool, primary and secondary education.
  • Attendance at a workshop or class.
  • Of merit.
  • Training diploma
  • Contest diploma.

Certificate Applications

For its part, the use of a certificate usually covers a broader spectrum than the diploma, since it is a document that affirms a fact. Although there are certificates in official contexts, these can also exist outside the legal framework.

To understand this we can take into account the Marriage Certificate, which is an official statement that guarantees that two people are married and that it is often issued by a government official.

On the other hand, there are also recognition certificates, which are widely used in the workplace and are granted by a department boss to recognize the worker of the month or reward the team in general when a production goal is reached.

The use of a certificate can be so broad that it includes many such as: certificates of friendship, which show that a friendship has been completed for a considerable number of years; birthday certificates, to congratulate someone on their day; certificates of good grades for outstanding students; and many more.

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