5 benefits of designing your Diplomas and Certificates online


Nowadays it is mandatory to take advantage of the endless tools and possibilities that the digital enviroments offer.

Especially if these facilitate our daily work, saving us time and effort.

Today we bring 5 benefits you get when using our online platform to design your diplomas and certificates.

5- Immediateness

Today’s professionals and entrepreneurs have no time to lose and that it will always be opportune to save few hours a day.

Making use of the simple and intuitive interface offered by Diploma Generator, you can make your designs of diplomas and certificates online very quickly.

In a couple of minutes and with a few clicks, you will be ready to send your documents immediately to whoever you want. Forget the delays with us.

4- Paper savings

New generations want to save the environment by saving resources as basic as paper. We put our bet in protecting the planet having the main option of sending diplomas online via email.

In this way there’s no need to waste paper and you’ll be able to upload your documents to platforms such as LinkedIn.

3- Shipping automation

In the past, you’d have to send your award certificates one by one to each participant. Now you’ll have the possibility to send them in bulk thanks to our import attendees option.

2- Personalization

In Diploma Generator you’ll be able to use premade templates and adapt them to your needs.

Adding custom logo, a signature line or change text, you can do it using our simple editor.

1- Dispense with third parties

This may be one of the most outstanding benefits of this list.

Thanks to the ease of use of Diploma Generator you’ll be able to carry out the certificates straight to your attendees emails.

It will no longer be necessary to contract a graphic designer because you’ll be able to make your own certificates without any experience.

You are one click away from starting to be your own designer.

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